New songs

01/04/2019 Rough Mix

I've got a couple of new tracks kind of ready, but still pretty rough. Come get some is really early stages, there's still a lot of work on the arrangement to do. Miniature Tanks is pretty much there, but I'm still not sure about the overall sound of it.  I've been struggling to get the mid range to not sound overcrowded. Anyways, they may of may not make it on to Spotify...

'Come get some' cover artwork

'Come get some' was pretty much entirely made on the Roland Boutique stuff (SH-01, TB03 and TR-08), love them! - The SH-01 in particular is my new favourite go to synth.  Although, really simple, it always manages to sound musical. I know Behringer are doing their own fully analogue version, but I still think this will be better, with it's 4 polyphony mode and unison.